What is Physical Cookie?

Some say online is killing brick and mortar – we disagree. Physical Cookie is a unique loyalty program and customer service concept that brings online cookie functionalities to the real world. It creates an entirely new medium that instantly reacts to customer behavior.

 Physical Cookie is an innovation made in collaboration with TBWA\Helsinki.

The electronic readers, placed in-store, read the Physical Cookie keychains individually to collect and analyze user data in real-time. The cookies then use in-store digital screens to display data-based advertisements and offers. The targeted messages adapt to changes in customer behavior. There are no privacy issues, as customers don’t have to sign up or register to join the system. All they need to do is carry a Cookie and they’re good to go.

In a Nutshell

Easy to Join

No applications, cards or registration. Just put the keychain in your pocket and you’re good to go.

Personalized Offers

By connecting the system to digital price listings, you can show real-time offers tailored to individual customer interests.

Reactive Mall Marketing

The new digital screen system lets you display targeted content and offers based on user history in real-time.

Results with Real-Time Marketing

Get the best of web-analytics in store. The system enables reactive marketing, customer flow analysis and optimization of floor space. Ultimately, it will help you serve your customers better.

Test Kits Available Now

Physical Cookie was successfully launched in Finland. We have gotten a lot of requests for trials from around the world, so now we are offering the Physical Cookie Test Kit for businesses. By ordering the Test Kit, you'll be able to try the system for yourself, and see how Physical Cookie works in practice.

The test kit includes: One reader unit, 10 cookies, and 6 months trial of our Physical cookie cloud service.

The cost: 3.500 EUR + Shipping.

Request a test kit

Can a ´physical cookie´ sweeten the brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

´Physical cookie´ could help malls fight back amazon.

Les cookies publicitaires débarquent le retail.